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Are you planning to take a long trip away from home? Don't forget digital materials!

I would like to tell you about a story that occurred to me on a holiday I spent on a boat thru the Arctic. It sounded fantastic, National Geographic trip thru ice and back, with Polar bears, and numerous other wildlife. There was going to be frozen ice that eyes could see snow, ice, and snow everywhere. Man-made machinery was designed to combat the elements and move through the frozen wilderness of northern Norway. It sounded magnificent, like an epic fight against the weather, north, and the pole.

It was suggested to bring everything I could fit in my bag. To make my work space larger, I packed my laptop. I was informed that power was not a problem. I was unsure what was to come for me. I was unaware that only two days into the 14-day trial, my Internet connection would stop and I would be without internet access for the next 10 consecutive days. It finally happened and I was devastated. No trip, regardless of how far or difficult, will result in the loss of connection from the internet. Not only do I have unfinished business to deal with during the next week, however, I haven't prepared myself for the time off.

It doesn't matter if people need to shut off the internet. Internet is everywhere. In the event that your home internet connection is experiencing intermittent issues, you'll be able to go to a nearby McDonalds and use their complimentary WiFi connection to access the information you want to do. Even better, you can bring your laptop with you to Starbucks to sit at a table and browse the Internet whenever you want to. There's no cafe or restaurant cafe that has electricity in the north. It's far from any electricity source. There's not a free Internet around the corner.. There are only two options either to get a satellite connection or turn off the internet.

I cannot afford to buy an satphone because it's expensive, particularly for Internet. I'll prepare a video and audio library for my next journey without Internet. In the past, I had two tracks. Both were downloaded in a very slow way at the time, and I only had three jazz tracks and one famous track that I had no idea of its title. That's all. Four tunes for two weeks of no music. I'd have planned ahead if I had known this was the case. I would have filled my laptop with shows from TV and movies, as well as a plethora of music videos and simply audio files that contained music and podcasts. I could have spent hours listening to my most-loved podcasts. It's simple to download them and convert to mp3 to save to my laptop. Then, I could just sit in my bedroom and listen to all the things I enjoy at home, but I never had the time. It was meant to be my golden hour, or two weeks of gold. However, it was actually two weeks of gazing at the ceiling and waiting for the passengers every time the sound of a whirring in the corridors.

Literally and metaphorically In both ways, the journey was empty. Never have I been so bored. The ice was thick. I was aware that this could eventually cause problems. Therefore, the boat had to be turned around and return towards civilization. While this isn't a surprise, it meant that many hours could be spent listening to and watching podcasts, DIY videos about home fixes or simply listening to music. Next time, I'll convert YouTube videos from mp4 format to MP3 format using my laptop. Bring them with you and listen to your favourite songs from your laptop. Music can boost your spirits and make you feel good. Keep in mind that Netflix and Hulu apps allow you to download films and shows on your computer to watch offline. They can also be used for long journeys across the arctic. Don't let boredom bring you down. Have fun!

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